Stuff I Run to

I used to love running more than anything. Nothing was more therapudic to me than turning off your brain and just going foreward for miles and miles until you feel like you’re going to buckle down and collapse, but something keeps carrying you and then the after glow of finishing is just the best reward ever.

Then I discovered lifting.

And now I can’t fucking stand running.

I have to listen to music to really get into it and really get me pumped up and moving. So, with that, I’ve compiled a few songs/albums that I just have to listen to or I my pace dies out.

Most of these are at a “run to die” pace. A few are pretty mellow in comparison. Some have screeming, some don’t. I like to listen to stuff that has a mystical side to it (not exactly psychedelic). Something profound that takes my mind off the suck.

Here you go:


To start, Deafheaven’s opening track on their debut album Sunbather, is Dream House. Dream House is the PERFECT track to run to. Even if you don’t like the black metal genre, you can’t help but feel your blood rush. I’ve never sky dived before, but I bet this is exactly what it feels like:


Next up, Thrice. Almost every single track with the exceptions of the Air and Earth EPs is great to run with. Thrice is hard hitting, deep, fast, slow at times, extremely graceful, and patient. Their tracks fluctuate, giving you rushes of adrenaline then allowing you to slow down to catch your breath, and get right back into it again. Their lyrics are aweinspiring and give you things to meditate on while you’re killing youself.

Some samples:

The Messenger (hard)-

In Exile (medium)-

Red Sky (slow/medium towards end)-


My new personal favorite is the album Two Hunters by Wolves In The Throne Room. Thom Jurek of says if Joy Division were a black metal band, they would be WITTR. And I agree. They execute amazing levels of patience, never wanting to beat you over the head with their tactics, instead choosing to dance around it enveloping you in the atmosphere, making you comfortable in their world and just take you along showing you the sorrow and misanthropy they feel towards the world. Their lyrics are about the destruction man causes to the environment and some stuff that hints to paganism, but it’s not beating you with it. It’s emotional in a mature way. But, though this is pure black metal it’s not as hard hitting as most. It’s set apart from the rest of the genre: It’s patient. It’s graceful. It’s experimental. It’s surreal. It’s uplifting. It’s emotional. It’s just fucking amazing go listen to it.


This is left-field, but the first five tracks off Merriweather Post Pavilion by Animal Collective are incredible to run to.

Here’s the whole album (everything after track five is pretty lame):


Stuff I cool down with:

First three tracks of this:


I’ll make this more of a series as the blog goes on, but this is just a jump start for what I currently run to.